What's up 550?
Technology for Administrators
March 3, 2007

What's the first thing that pops into your head when someone mentions technology? What about educational technology?

Inspiration vs. Gliffy.com

Virginia society for technology and education: http://www.vste.org

The Big Picture

The World is Flat
Open Source:
  • Exercise: Being Untouchable
21st Century Skills

The View from the Office

National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators
Virginia State Technology Plan
Technology Planning: The System
Two Pieces of Advice:
  1. Take the IT Director to Lunch
  2. Read the Policies

The View from the Classroom

Initial Discussion
  • ACOT
  • LoTI
  • Exercise: Scenarios
Professional Development

Fun With Data

Web Resources for Administrators:

Fifty Sites in Fifty Minutes: http://witchyrichy.wikispaces.com/50sitesdoe