Educational Technology for Leaders

What's your vision for using technology in the classroom? You get 160 characters at Wall Wisher:

Living In An Age of Extremes:

A Vision of Students Today:
Revolutionizing Education:


The New Digital Divide

Arne Duncan:


Standards for the Digital Age:

Do some analysis in small groups: Run each of the standards through Wordle ( What similarities and differences do you see?

What's the big picture being painted by the standards? How will you communicate that to your faculty? Find an image that communicates that big picture and add it to the Google presentation. Be prepared to describe it in one minute.

Copyright Friendly Images:

Group One:

Group Two:

Group Three:

Group Four:

Group Five:

Are there really 21st century skills?

Shirley Sherrod:

Natalie Munroe:

June Talvitie-Siple:

The Gullibility Test:

Photo Smarts:
The Bear Photo:

The Plane Photo:

The Soldier Photo:

Digital Learning

What's On the Horizon?

Gaming and Simulations:
Roku's Reward: Gaming and Augmented Reality

Data Visualization

The Power of Data Visualization:
Hans Rosling:
Google Maps, Earth, etc.

Productivity Tools

iPad/iPhone: Zite

Spreadsheet Review