Integrating Internet Safety Into the Curriculum

From the legislation: "The Internet safety component must be integrated within a division's instructional program."

Today's Take Aways:
  • Internet Safety is much more than just protecting kids from predators. Schools may deal more with cyberbullying that takes place outside of school time.
  • Internet Safety in school should focus on making students better users of the Internet for learning. It may incorporate such things as research skills and visual literacy.
  • Internet Safety in school should be ongoing, incorporated every time students use the Internet and, when appropriate, mentioned as part of non-digital activities as well.

Using the Internet Wisely: What Do We Know?

How's Your Visual Literacy?

Find a hoax at Snopes:
Fact Check a Wikipedia article:
Review Kathy Schrock's guides and choose one to use with your students:
Practice using the web evaluation with one of these sites:

Find an activity at NetSmartz:
Request a presentation from NetSmartz:
Find an Internet Safety Video from TeacherTube and download it:, (You can use Zamzar to download and covert videos:

Resources from the Department of Education:

Other Good Starting Places: