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Defining Digital Storytelling

  • Center for Digital Storytelling: This group teaches workshops on creating digital stories and focuses on personal stories. They identify 7 elements of a digital story:
    • Point of view / perspective
      • Who's telling the story?
      • Why are they telling it?
      • What do you want to convey / message?
      • To whom are they telling it?
    • Dramatic question
      • Situation (beginning/openings: pose a big idea or a big question)
      • Action resulting from situation
      • Resolution or realization/insight: this 3rd step allows people to reflect back into their own life
    • Emotional Content
      • Tell a story you care about, be personally connected
      • Then people will care to listen, attentive listening to a personal story
      • Number of Production Techniques
    • Gift of Voice
      • Of your voice
      • Use it to convey adjectives and emotions
    • Power of Soundtrack
    • Economy
      • Condense meaning
      • Use metaphor, juxtaposition
      • Whole should be greater than the sum of its parts
    • Pacing
      • Use it for purpose, emotional impact

Using Digital Storytelling in the Classroom
  • Who? teacher, students alone or in small groups?
  • When? before, during or after instruction? Formative or summative assessment?
  • WHY? technology objectives? content objectives? affective objectives (ie, meeting different learning styles)? From the Digital Director's Guild:

How? Besides the technical do you integrate the creation of digital stories into your classroom? The basic process has several steps that, while they are listed in order, may occur at the same time. Depending on the level or maturity of your students, you will have to scaffold each step to some extent.
    • Brainstorm topic and approach
    • Write storyboard and script
    • Locate resources
    • Compile in software
    • Publish and Assess

Once they're done, what can you do with them?
  • Publish them to Teacher Tube:
  • Include them in PowerPoint presentations
  • Embed them in a blog or wikispaces page

  • Make a Mashup