Resource Links:

Weblogs: These online diaries can be set up for free and easily made private. They can be used to post text, audio, image, and video files. (Tips: You can usually subscribe to be notified when a new blog entry is posted.)

Wikis: These web-based tools facilitate collaborative writing and webpage creation. Free wikis for K-12 educators can be made private and include built in discussions. They can be used to post text, audio, image and video files. (Tip: You can set the preferences so that you are contacted when change are made.)

Email: You could use an existing account or set up a free web-based using a tool like Gmail. (Tip: A free google account provides access to email, google docs, and other tools.)

Text, Voice, and Video Chat: For getting in touch quickly, the cell phone is a great tool. Increasingly, it can also be used to access the other communication tools. But to save on cell phone minutes, you can use web-based tools to communicate in real time.
  • Skype: THE communication tool of choice
  • Chat built into Facebook and Gmail
  • Free Elluminate room through Learn Central (can have three people at a time, no recording)