So, if you are reading this page, you are using a wiki. In this case, it is an online wiki called Wikispaces that allows users to create pages and sites for free. Think about wikis as collaborative word processors. They make it very easy to create your own pages as well as sharing and editing those pages with other people.

Want to see an example? Here's an Integration Handbook that my pre-service teachers created last seedison.jpgmester. And here's the wiki page my colleague is using this semester:

Everyone knows about Wikipedia. But the larger organization--the Wikimedia Foundation--sponsors other wiki-based projects including Wiki books, Wiki media, and Wiki quotes. Many of the resources at these sites are offered under copyright-friendly licenses such as GNU Copyleft or Creative Commons, or, like the photo of Thomas Edison, they are in the public domain. (BTW, it you are looking for other copyright-friendly repositories, try the Internet Archive.)

I use a wiki to create electronic handouts, write drafts of papers, and take notes in classes. You can see links to my handouts on the left-hand side of this webpage. I also have my own wiki at SimplyKaren.