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Math, Interactive activity, LCD projector
Qwizdom with 2 step word problems, have students answer questions with a remote. Students can be in a group.

Science, Promethean Board, Group Discussion
Discuss the oil spill. Have students try and solve the oil spill capping by drawing diagrams and labeling. Students can discuss ideas and share as a group. Students could also create a robot to cap the well

Our State Project Ideas:

Create either an inpsiration or kidspiration for interpreting maps
link to different maps
water features, etc.
Use US videos to link past to present
Follow Lewis and clark
Data like census data

research: pull out most significant city and comparison for regions

Accessing, analyzing information

Assessment: create a photostory, take a field trip and report, could create their own graphic organizer to use for presentation, links to maps, etc. some kind of multimedia presentation